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Join us on this journey towards restoring our ecosystems.


The team

The GεFORESτ team is made up of Luis Lapeña Alegría and Pedro Díaz Martínez, both trained engineers. Two friends who met in 2011 when we began university studies in Forest Engineering at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Our friendship and rapport is the key to our success, we have been with GεFORESτ for just over a year, we have been selected by the REPSOL Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund to be part of its acceleration program as an innovative startup that monitors forest masses, contributing to the improvement of ecosystems as CO2 reservoirs through digitalization. In this contest we compete alongside 480 startups from 69 countries.

Thank Francisco Ramón López Serrano for his selfless work towards us, flooding us with great knowledge about forest science and LIDAR technology.

We work with the public administration and with private companies.


They talk about us

We feel honored to see how our forest management has been recognized in prestigious media. These opportunities drive us to continue our commitment to impeccable forest conservation, creating an even greater impact thanks to its amplified dissemination.

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