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A methodology and three levers of social transformation through data capture in forest environments.

1.- Basis for Better Informed Management

The ability to capture data with greater precision improves the forest inventory, which in turn contributes to making better decisions in terms of conservation and sustainable use of forest resources.

2.- Intelligent Data Analysis:

Data is not only collected, but processed in ways that provide valuable quantitative and qualitative information. This allows for a deeper understanding of forest health, vegetation dynamics and other key aspects.

3.- Accessible Spatial Databases

The generation of accessible spatial databases is a crucial component. These databases facilitate access to information anytime, anywhere.

The purpose of the FOREST INVENTORY CARBON Methodology is to facilitate the implementation and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting sustainability and preservation of the ecosystem, and thus contributing to a more equitable and sustainable development of our society.


Our services

Forest inventory

We carry out fast, digital, precise and large-area inventories.

Forest management

We use sustainable forest management instruments for the conservation of the Natural environment.

Cubication of wood

We use exclusive software developed to calculate standing and batches of already cut wood.

Hunting management

We prepare technical plans and studies on fauna, in direct collaboration with the U.C.L.M.


- Environmental impact study
- Carbon footprint calculation
- Sustainability reports
- FSC and PEFC certification

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