Surveying services

Our surveying service specializes in the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM), an essential tool for the planning and execution of engineering, architecture, and environmental conservation projects.


What does a Digital Terrain Model allow you to see?

Utilizamos tecnología de vanguardia para mapear cualquier área, garantizando una precisión incomparable de 10 cm y una densidad de información de hasta 500 puntos por metro cuadrado. Este nivel de detalle permite a nuestros clientes obtener una comprensión profunda y exacta del terreno, facilitando la toma de decisiones informadas para el desarrollo de sus proyectos.


Our services

Topographic Studies

Complete simulation of real environments, eliminating the need for traditional topographic measurements.


Detailed scanning service for the exhaustive evaluation of caves, mines or areas that present challenges in their graphic representation.

Cadastral Procedures

Procedures associated with the precise georeferencing of properties, facilitating regularization and cadastral registration.

Parcel Segregation

We carry out the delimitation and subdivision of forest lands, we offer parcel segregation services that allow more efficient management of your resources.


Our expert surveyors work to clearly establish borders, avoiding conflicts and ensuring forest management without legal complications.

Georeferenced Plans

We provide detailed, georeferenced plans that give you a complete view of the spatial distribution of your forest lands.

Georeferenced Certificates and GML File Generation

We facilitate the acquisition of accurate cadastral plans, essential for processes of unification, division, segregation and transaction of urban and rural properties. We guarantee the geographical and legal precision necessary for the effective management of the territory, ensuring that each action on real estate is carried out with the maximum accuracy and in accordance with current legal requirements.


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