Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

Maximizing efficiency, multiplying impact
Our environmental commitment is reflected in each result

Forest management

We accompany you in the drafting and review of forest management and mountain grouping plans.

Carbon footprint calculation

We measure and evaluate your environmental impact with technical precision.


About us?

GEFOREST was born in UFIL (Urban Forest Innovation Lab),
a project of the Cuenca City Council within the Framework of the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative, aimed at entrepreneurship in forest bioeconomy.

The Geforest team is made up of Luis Lapeña Alegría and Pedro Díaz Martínez, both trained engineers. Two friends who met in 2011 when we began university studies in Forest Engineering at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.


Why work with us?


Less effort required during the measurement process.


Through the recruitment of all the parameters necessary for forest management.

Cost reduction

Cost savings compared to traditional counting processes.

Control and follow up

Monitor in an easy and precise way.


Cutting-edge forestry technology that guarantees precision and efficiency in each operation.


Proven experience in the forestry sector, backed by deep knowledge and commitment to excellence.


Our services

We feel honored to see how our forest management has been recognized in prestigious media. These opportunities drive us to continue our commitment to impeccable forest conservation, creating an even greater impact thanks to its amplified dissemination.


They trust us

Our clients trust us to offer solutions that promote sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment.

Learn about the scope of our forest management

Our team merges ingenuity and technology for innovative and sustainable environmental solutions


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